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Art Piece Donation


We collaborate with different organizations and non profit to empower our artist generation integrating efforts to empower art and culture in our communities

upcoming events


Women againts violence series conversations, lectures, public affairs and editorials, integrating women leaders and members to empower our female communities in an open conversation, how to support victims of violence and how to stand to protect women and children in our communities

Art festivals


Fashion, film, dance, art and culture, Music and philantrophy, women impacting our communities and supporting education for children.

Upcoming projects in Mexico, Peru and Dominican Republic



The culture of Gastronomy is one of the most defining traditions in Latinamerica, We will be soon curating some of the most exiting gastronomic events.

Day of Dead event


One of Mexican most celebrated traditions Day of Dead will be once again the center celebration with many surprises and future announcement from our partners.

Prepare your one of a kind Katrina custom design for the most exclusive event by CLUB ELLAS VIP

Humanitarian Fashion Gala At DR


The first gala destination with a purpose to Dominican Republic, We will be presenting our beautiful event series in front of the most exclusive guest at Casa de Campo to celebrate our Club second trip with humanitarian purpose to impact our children community in the island on a commission to provide reading glasses to over 500 kids of one of the poorest communities in La romana.

This amazing event will bring Fashion, art, music and gastonomy for the most original cultural event