Organization We support

His House Children Home


His House Children’s Home is a private non-profit, faith-based organization dedicated to restoring the lives of children from newborn to 18 years of age. For over 29 years, His House has brought stability to the lives of over 15,000 children and remains a frontline provider of residential and foster care services. The organization is licensed by the Department of Children and Families,

Autism Soccer


Our Goal is to teach children soccer skills in a supportive environment, develop a life-long love of exercise, while having FUN! Through Autism Soccer (AS), children learn that with training, confidence and love anything is possible.

Make a Wish Foundation


We support our local chapter organizations galas and social events by participating and becoming ambassador of every year events inviting influencers and socialites to attend the galas and support organizations that impact the lives of many children in our communities.

SFFCH galas


supporting social engaging activities that impact lives of women and children in every community by engaging our members to be social and philanthropy active to support many activities & local organizations that need our help.

Mi Libro Hispano


Mi libro Hispano is an organization creating a social impact through education and promotion of Spanish writers and publishers.

book fairs and educational workshops to empower our intellectual community to publish their next book and inspire our next generation of readers and writers

Volunteering for our causes


We are always looking for your support, we invite our member to get engage in local activities with social impact, culture and art, environments organizations and women empowerment groups.

Contact us for further information to get a list of local chapters, to organize an event to benefit local organizations or to make activities to support local organizations